Our Values

It starts with the Bismillah Principal ; all things start with the blessing and mercy of Allah. Whether it is our selection of products , care and handling of your jewellery or ensuring that your order is dispatched in a timely manner. We can often be heard whispering Bismillah as we call upon Allah to ensure your transaction occurs with ease.   

Founded in 2017 we are a small family run Islamic Jewellery Boutique. Specialising in Jewellery which encourages the Praise, Worship and Remembrance of Allah. With that vision in mind, we only offer the best, so when you wear our jewellery you can feel proud to know that each piece was selected with pure intentions. 

We truly pride ourselves in offering affordable quality pieces for both men and women. From rings to necklaces we provide pieces that are symbolic and meant to last. We see our customers as individuals, we are trying to build more than a business, our goal is to build a community. This goal is at the core of our business, we hope to give back to those in need and we take every opportunity to be charitable. 

- From our family to you.